Sunday, September 11, 2011

Damn Teenagers

My first blog Yay! My life is something to really keep up with why? Because I have so much in my mind when it comes to my mind. Today the talk is Teenage Pregnancy in Miami? Is it just me or every girl in Miami wants to walk around with a big belly and be proud of it? Honestly I hate it, I mean congrats on the child and all but overall why throw away your life on things like pregnancy? Yes you love the guy but please keep your legs closed till marriage. I'm from the islands (Haitian and Bahamian to be exact) and islands mothers take shit to a whole nother level, why? Because they never thought that they lovable daughter would be pregnant from some hood boy that didn’t even past the 10th grade. But at the end of the day the mom is taking care of that baby while the girl is out with her friends to god knows where. Ladies it’s not cute at all, AT ALL! I mean you ran through a few guys and stuff then wound up pregnant, it’s not going to be funny when dude starts rejecting you child. Isn’t that funny? When a guy is with a girl he's like "Oh I love you babe" and "I want you to have my kids." Your dumb ass is all sprung over those words that you start getting in the sheets and wind up pregnant, you walking around town thinking you the HBIC....... NOT! Homeboy is at home thinking you were on birth control...... NOT. I mean baby come out cute and all but baby daddy not there..... Good luck! All in all I think a girl should even get caught up in sex at the age of 14-16, but if you do CONDOMS DUH! P.S Not the cheap ones! 

But For Now on... I’m Gone!! Might have something worse to talk about tomorrow!

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  1. Amen girl! Preach it to these ratchet ass Metro-Detroit girls too! Poor babies getting pregnant on purpose!